Xiuying runner super sexy lace dress Amy

Evening 25/5, runner Xiuying has appeared at the event launch fashion collection Amy Store at 201 Kim Ma Street, Hanoi. She was runner-up attention with charming smile and pale skin with cotton lace fashion clothes trendy Store Amy, this is the hottest fashion models in summer 2016. Yang Xiuying born in 1993 and owns a fashion personality style, elegant but no less charming. Gu also dress her increasingly subtle. Although the dress from the brand presence with average prices less than 2 million, but the runner was always beautiful and when combined class accessories exquisite dishes accompanied gentle fabrics and luxurious as exalted stature mine.

Media launch with cotton laces collections, fashion brand owners Amy Store - Nguyen Quang says with summer fashion trends of 2016, he wanted to put the material lace dominate the market as well as create should a priority label materials in his designs. That's why Amy under transparent lace trend to provide not only for the beauty queen, runner, a model that even the young people love fashion are also wearable.

Looking ahead, Amy fashion minimalist Store will cost finished products, preserved values and materials by its customers towards the former Amy Store usually Miss, runner or the supermodels but with new trends this, the company will target customers affordable to everyone has the right to wear beautiful.

Along see some designs of NTK Xuan Quang - Store owner Amy fashion worn by runner Xiuying and other models.

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